Anova’s Universal Tank Monitor™ Raises the Bar in Remote Tank Monitoring

February 23, 2021

Provides Propane, Fuels and Lubricant Distributors Everywhere Unparalleled Monitoring Affordability, Coverage, and Capability


New Providence, NJ —February 23, 2021Anova, the trusted innovator and leader in remote tank monitoring, today announced the Anova Universal Tank Monitor™ (Anova UTM™) product for fuel distributors globally. Built upon more than 30 years of Anova’s combined experience and deep industry expertise, the Anova UTM meets the need for a global, affordable tank monitor that works with multiple tanks simultaneously and future-proofs communications by working over a wide variety of communication networks and carriers, including LTE CAT-M1, automatically switching to the strongest network signal.Anova Universal Tank Monitor™


“We know that profitability in the propane distribution business jumps exponentially when tanks are monitored. Our Anova UTM, opens the door for distributors to better manage the cost of monitoring with a multi-tank capability, to gain new efficiencies with versatile and global communications support, and to drive new efficiencies with comprehensive reporting, alerts, and ease of installation.” noted Chet Reshamwala, CEO at Anova.


“We have seen a lot of confusion in the remote tank monitoring marketplace, leaving many distributors seeking affordability, reliability and the benefit of a deep, trusted partnership,” said Dillan Fernando, LPG, Fuels and Lubricants Business Unit head at Anova. “The Anova UTM has been designed with these priorities in mind from the onset. As a digitalization partner to the industry, it is our job to ease the path to profitability in fuel distribution and we are achieving this with advanced, trusted technology, powerful software analytics, slick mobile apps, and cost-effective options, such as our easy Hardware-as-a-Service monthly subscription offering. As a continued pioneer in remote tank monitoring, we have extended our platform to support clients in achieving strategic cost, efficiency, and customer-driven goals.” 


Highlights of the Anova UTM solution include: 

    Universal SIM supports multiple global communications networks.

    Multiple inputs supporting a range of sensors including tank level, pressure, meters, and others. Monitor multiple tanks or a combination of measures on a single tank.

    Rapidly deployable with easy installation and multiple mounting options.

  • SAFE:
    Intrinsically safe C1D1 and ATEX Zone 0 area compliant

    Cost-effective at every customer-driven volume, with the option of a Hardware-as-a-Service monthly subscription.

    Built to last with a 15-year battery, rugged, sealed construction and an industry-leading, 5-year warranty.

    Frequent data sampling with configurable alerts for ultimate safety, and daily reporting.

    Works seamlessly with the Anova software platform and industry ERP systems.

    Unparalleled industry expertise, experience, and support, including field deployment services.





Contact an Anova expert about the Anova Universal Tank Monitor and how to bundle it with Anova's optional Hardware-as-a-Service monthly subscription.



LPG_UTM-HaaS_Apps_Group_210218_KGAbout Anova 

Anova is the leading global provider of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions to remotely monitor and manage industrial assets – including industrial tank levels, pressures and temperatures, and predictive maintenance of related industrial equipment. Anova has a proven track record resulting from over 30 years of industrial monitoring experience in the design, installation and maintenance of systems that employ advanced wireless hardware, software technologies and cloud-based analytics. It provides unmatched scale, service, and innovation to service over 1,700 customers in 70+ countries. Anova has offices in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, plus a global network of representatives. With over 700,000 cellular, satellite, and LPWAN devices monitoring a variety of cryogenic gases, LPG & Propane, LNG, chemicals, oils, lubricants, fuels, and water, Anova is connecting the industrial world - for better.