Anova Industrial Gateway™ Breaks New Ground in Advanced Asset Monitoring

April 28, 2021

Drives Industrial Gases Digital Transformation of Operations 

New Providence, NJ - April 28, 2021Anovathe trusted innovator and leader in remote telemetry software and hardware solutions, today announced its Anova Industrial Gateway ainnovative product for monitoring and digitizing more of the industrial gases operations. Building on over 30 years of experience and industry expertisethe Anova Industrial Gateway provides robust, integrated data collection with comprehensive analytics that extend monitoring beyond industrial gases tanks to critical adjacent equipment. Enabling comprehensive visibility into industrial gases operations, the device delivers fast, actionable, operational insight that allows operators to mitigate risk, enhance safety, and reduce downtime with alerts and real-time insights. 



AIG__Diagram_GraphicThe Anova Industrial Gateway provides powerful remote monitoring telemetry that delivers to our customers new visibility into the operation of their advanced and critical assets. Combined with the flexibility and intelligent insights you can gain from our recently announced Anova Transcend IIoT Platform, customers can realize new, far-reaching, operational improvements and  efficiencies, well beyond monitoring stationary and mobile tanks, to the surrounding advanced systems and assets,"  says Kevin Lynch, Senior Vice President of Industrial Gases at Anova. 



"A compelling application of the Anova Industrial Gateway is in the monitoring of cryogenic food freezers, where multiple variables can play a significant role in operational efficiency and maintenance costs," adds Lynch. “Visibility into these performance variables provides key insight into the use and health of these valuable assets. In many cases, we are already monitoring the nitrogen tank at the end customer’s site. With the use of the Anova Industrial Gateway on the freezer, we are helping our customers gain a more complete view of their supply chain, improve overall operational efficiency, manage maintenance costs, and provide their end customers better support and service.” 



The Anova Industrial Gateway is a key innovation and an enabler in connecting the industrial world for better. In industrial gases, the supply chains are particularly complex. Optimization requires extending IIoT monitoring beyond tanks - to PLC-based systems, PSAs, membrane systems, gas purification systemspipelines, fueling stations and other advanced components used in industrial gases applicationsDelivering this level of advanced monitoring capability, we help our partners drive deeper supply chain visibility, safety and efficiency unlocking incredible value for themselves and their end customers,” says Chet Reshamwala, CEO at Anova. 

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Anova is the leading global provider of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions to remotely monitor and manage industrial assets – including industrial tank levels, pressures and temperatures, and predictive maintenance of related industrial equipment. Anova has a proven track record resulting from over 30 years of industrial monitoring experience in the design, installation and maintenance of systems that employ advanced wireless hardware, software technologies and cloud-based analytics. It provides unmatched scale, service, and innovation to service over 1,700 customers in 70+ countries. Anova has offices in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, plus a global network of representatives. With over 700,000 cellular, satellite, and LPWAN devices monitoring a variety of cryogenic gases, LPG & Propane, LNG, chemicals, oils, lubricants, fuels, and water, Anova is connecting the industrial world - for better. 



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